Manual ultrasonic sealing and cutting


Ultrasonic equipment

“Gun Genius 400-35”

For manual sealing and cutting

Patented system “Sonic touch control”





 Features / Advantages of the product

Compact and easy to use

Product Longevity: durability of the spare parts and very easy to change/ repair.

Lightness thanks to the ultrasonic head of only 700g.

Straight cut with a ruler.

 Technical Features

  • Equipment to be used on hardened surfaces such as tempered steel, glass…
  • Allows Straight or curved cutting.
  • Allows sealing by points.
  • Wide range of sonotrodes/horns: flat, sharpened or from a specific shape.
  • Speed: ± 30 meters/minute (manual use) according to products to be cut and to your specifications.
  • Voltage: 230 V – 50 / 60 Hz – single phase (device totally electrical).
  • Power: up to 400 W – Frequency: 35 kHz.