Ultrasonic cutting and sealing in line


Ultrasonic equipment

“Hem Welder Genius 400-35”

For continual sealing by spots.

Patented System “Sonics Touch Control”






Features / Advantages of the product

  • Regularity and quality of the sealing thanks to the accurate position of the sonotrode on the wheel.
  • Optimized use: lateral moving and continual cleaning of the sealing wheel.
  • Product Longevity: durability of the spare parts, very easy to change or repair.
  • Sonics Touch Control”: Patented approach System of the sonotrode, accurate and without pressure.
  • Automatic protection of your products by detection of sonotrode lifting triggering the safety stop.
  • Personalized according your needs : sealing from 24mm to 150mm from the edge of the product

Technical Features

  • Equipment to be installed on production lines.
  • Sealing on wheel.
  • Stationary sonotrode and rotary engraved wheel pulled by the product
  • Width of the Standard sealing: 8 mm (other dimensions on request : 12, 16, 20 et 25 mm).
  • Speed: up to 80 meters/minute according to your products and to your specifications.
  • Voltage: 230 V – 50 / 60 Hz – single phase.
  • Power: up to 400 W – Frequency: 35 kHz.