“Ultra-Star M GENIUS 400-35 or 1200-35″ : high speed ultrasonic sealing and in line cutting


Ultrasonic Equipment Type “Ultra-Star M Genius 400-35” Or “Ultra Star M Genius 1200-35”

Patented system “Sonics Touch Control”

For sealing by multispots welds with slitting by blade, on weaving looms or on continuous machines at higher speed.



Features / Advantages of the product

  • Higher efficiency compared to the “Ultra Star Genius 400-35” device
  • Regularity and quality of the sealing thanks to the accurate pressure adjustment of the sonotrode on the sealing wheel
  • Product Longevity: durability of the spare parts, very easy to replace or repair
  • “Sonics Touch Control”: a patented approach system of the sonotrode, accurate and without constant pressure.
  • Automatic protection of your fabrics: the safety stop is triggered by the detection of non-slitting and the detection of sonotrode rising
  • Personalized according to your needs: positioning of the sealing head on the right or on the left of the cut especially for flat looms

Technical Features

  • To be installed on machines or lines
  • Sealing on engraved wheel, followed by slitting through pentagonal ceramic blade
  • Stationary sonotrode and rotary engraved wheel pulled by the fabric
  • Widths of standard sealing: 20mm (other dimensions: 8, 12, 16, 25mm, on request)
  • Speed: up to 100 m/min, according to fabrics to be cut and customer’s specifications
  • Tension: 230 V-50 / 60 Hz – single phase current (equipment entirely electric)
  • Power: up to 400 W – Frequency: 35 kHz or up to 1200 W – Frequency: 35 kHz