Manual Ultrasonic welding and cutting



Ultrasonic equipment « Table Genius 400-35 » for sealing with manual cutting integrated

Patented system “Sonic Touch Control”


Features / Advantages of the product

  • Regularity and quality of the sealing thanks to the accurate position of the sonotrode on the counter-tool
  • Product Longevity :durability of the spare parts, very easy to change/ repair
  • ‘Sonic Touch Control’ : PATENTED approach system of sonotrode, accurate and without pressure
  • Automatic protection of your products by detection of non-slitting and detection of sonotrode rising triggering the stop of security
  • Personalized according to your needs : different slitting angles available

Technical Features

  • Equipment to be installed on any kind of tables
  • Ultrasonic head manually operated
  • Speed : up to 30m/minute(manual) according to products to be cut and customer’s specification
  • Voltage: 230 V – 50 / 60 Hz – single phases
  • Power : up to 400 W- Frequency : 35kHz


  • Sunblinds
  • Geotextiles
  • Nonwovens